am i eligible for this special?

the big question. here is the short answer: if you have a corner street facing lot, that is accessible by the street, yes. The access point (fenced off or clear), must be at least 8ft wide and on stable soil. if you are neighbored by two other homes, an extra fee (+ HST) will be added to access your yard and complete the work.if you are located west of bank st, other fees also apply due to long dumping routes. and thats the short answer.

Are there any hidden costs?

Sometimes, complications can arise when planning and building swimming pools. for instance: soil, water table, stone, boulders etc... these are "gambles" that have to be taken. however, we've been digging in the ottawa area for over 30 years, so we are often able to make an "educated" guess as to what might be your risks, given your homes location. in all honesty, we'll tell you if it is too risky to build your pool in/with the budget you have. and we would prepare you by estimating the potential cost if problems arise. it would be your call...

do I need a permit?


how much is a permit? and how long does it take to issue it?

we provide you with a sketch of the proposed pool location that you (the client) submit to your local city hall. cost varies by township but should not cost more than 200$. if there are no complications to your yard or sub-soil, it should take no more than 2 weeks.

Can i upgrade any of the features to this special?

yes. this special is designed to accomodate you so that you can swim, swim, swim! but you can do whatever you want... you can upgrade the pool size, shape, pump, filter, add lights, more concrete, pavers instead, salt water... the sky is the limit. whatever upgrades you might want, we'll provide you with a comprehensive estimate. also, it is wise to inform yourself on different equipment and their respective quality. (see our products pages)

do you provide an electrician?

we recommend electrical companies to you that are properly skilled with swimming pool equipment. though you can provide your own electrician, we strongly advise contracting the services of our recommended companies. electrical and gas hook-ups are cost + and the responsibility of the client.