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a word about heaters

  • Choosing the right heater for your swimming pool can seem overwhelming if you’re not sure what to look for. Keep in mind your pool size, heating needs and budget when determining the right heater for you, and make sure to read up on the pros and cons of each type.
  • Gas pool heaters offer the best and fastest heating capabilities, highest power outputs and great consistency. They are available in both natural gas and liquid propane models at competitive prices.
  • However, solar pool heaters are the environmentally friendly and efficient means of heating pool water. Solar heaters harness the sun’s energy by pumping water through a heating device—most often solar panels—kept warm by natural light before releasing it into a swimming pool.
  • Hayward's Universal H-Series Low-NOx Heaters are designed to handle todays salt water pools.
  • the new cupro nickel heat exchanger is the new standard on all 2013 models are equipped with This enhanced durability.
  • Hayward Heaters communicate well with Pro logic P4 panels (see automation page for details) and can provide heat to your pool when you want it... at the touch of a button. we program it all for you.

what people say

  • (Hayward Universal series low nox heater)"The new low profile is perfect for our back yard and the new heater brings the pool temp. up faster than our old Hayward. The only down side is we have a Jandy Remote Control inside our home and we cannot get the heater set so we can turn it on and off from inside. The heater comes on anytime the filter pump is running."
    - Terry Hilcox
  • " The Hayward Low NOX pool heaters are designed and manufactured to meet rigid emission standards in many states, however that doesn’t preclude you from owning one just because your state hasn’t caught on yet. You see, the secret to building a clean-burning gas appliance is in the quality of the controls. .."
    - Richard jordan
  • " The enersol solar pool heater is really great. I am so happy with it. Just the thought of heating my pool water with the sun? for free?! its a great feeling. plus it works automatically with my hayward p4 system. when the roof is too cold, it shuts it down. A+++"
    - jennifer morgan