Openings & closings

pool opening (simple)

whats included:

-removal of plugs

-general inspection of plumbing equipment

-pump startup

-pool shock

Price: 165 CAD

deluxe opening (winter or safety cover)

what's included:

-pumping of tarp water

-removal of tarp or cover and fold

-shock and water analysis

pump start up and inspection of equipment

Price: 330 CAD





Be sure to include all details pertinant to your pool (i.e. if there is a tarp and/or safety cover, age and condition of pool, previous years performance, etc...). if it is determined upon arriving on site that a winter cover is torn or damaged in any way, you will be notified and pumping of tarp water will be stopped .clients must also remember to provide power to equipment and backyard electrical outlets. clients should also plan opening/closing bookings a week prior to when they plan to have their pool serviced. all spas are cost plus.