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a word about pumps

  • The pump is probably the most important component you'll have to consider when planning for your pool. your energy consumption will change. a poor choice will reflect on your electricity bill.
  • Operating a pump on a timer at lower speed will greatly increase your energy efficiency. The way your pool is plumbed is also very important. well thought out plumbing minimizes strain to your pump.
  • EcoStar variable speed pumps are the most efficient pumps at any speed that can save pool owners up to 90% on energy costs over a single-speed pump.
  • think of your energy costs long term. a "cheaper" pump will add 100$+ to your bill per month. Thats roughly 800$ extra per year to operate your pump alone.
  • total hayward systems work well together...
  • come with a no hassle 3 year warranty on all parts
  • and we also install replacements free of charge for our clients.

what people say

  • I bought the Hayward Super Pump about a month ago. I didn't know anything about pool pumps except that I needed a new one. Relied on reviews and others ratings. This pump is great, easy to install, easy to clean and runs fairly quite.
    - john tomson
  • Hayward Tristar 2 speed pump. This pump saves 55$-100$ easily per month. The slow speed makes the water crystal clear. When you vacuum or run spa jets it can do up to 125gpm. That is about 2 horsepower. Your pool service company should be able to give you an exact electrical savings for your situation. Pump is almost silent. You have to stand next to it and listen carefully when it is in the 22 hour slow speed. Awesome!
    - doug lester
  • "hayward ecostar variable speed. If you have not paid attention to the claims - pool stores selling these say that they can save you 50-90 percent off the cost of the electricity used to pump your pool water. This is no joke. I am an engineer who did the research, evaluated the claims, and bought it. "
    - Mark lopes